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    Abstract Painter

    Monica Gewurz was born in Lima, Peru. Monica immigrated to Canada in 1976 where she   ...more

    Monica Gewurz
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    Abstract Paintings

    Lisa is admired for her incredible range of work in different mediums and raw natural   ...more

    Lisa Levasseur
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    Kathleen Slavin's work became stronger after a dramatic vision change, a few years ago, that   ...more

    Kathleen Slavin
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    Painter – Realism

    Rick Gallant's passion for art comes from an innate desire to capture the boundless beauty   ...more

    Rick Gallant
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    Bozica Grskovich relates the integrated complexity of life experiences to those layered surfaces of old   ...more

    Bozica Grskovich
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    Bold field paintings

    Myron Swistun is influenced by many factors that come together through many stages of sensory   ...more

    Myron Swistun
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    James Korpan is a sculptor working in both cast bronze and welded steel. Most of   ...more

    James Korpan
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    Abstract Impressions

    The abstract work of Susan Lott expresses a fresh exploration of surface and texture unhindered   ...more

    Susan lott
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    Impressionistic Floral Landscapes

    Jane is a landscape painter who is influenced by international settings from South Africa, Europe   ...more

    Jane Harington
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    Pen and Ink Drawing

    Lawrie Dignan uses a stylized and a methodical way of image development to build up   ...more

    Lawrie Dignan

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